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Tire mounting is the procedure of installing tires onto the wheels, which are then installed onto the car’s axle. Tire balancing is the most complex part of the tire mounting process. When you mount tires, it’s essential that they are properly centered on the wheel to ensure the smoothest ride.

Used Tires

We offer first quality used tires for your car, trucks or SUVs. We carry all the best brand in the industry, such as MIchellin, Goodyear, Bridgeston, Hankook, Toyo, Triangle.

New Tires

We have various options for new tires. We offer cheap and high quality solutions for your cars. All of our brands are with warranty.

Install and Balance

Installation includes: Inspecting the lugs or wheel bolts, Installing new rubber valve stems where applicable, Mounting the tires, Balancing the new tires on your wheels, Tightening the wheel lugs to the manufacturer recommended torque.

Patch Work & Repairs

Patching a tire actually consists of removing the tire from the rim and then using a die grinder to clean up around the puncture. The patch is then pushed from inside the tire through the outside of the tire, sealed and let dry.

Tire Sensor Programming

These sensors must be programmed with the proper protocol/application information for the vehicle before they can be installed in the tire, and then must be relearned to the vehicle.

Tire Studs Installation

Studded tires provide the best traction you can get, even when you're encountering ice or packed snow. Studs are lightweight, small metal spikes that are staggered across the tread.

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